Was raised in West Los Angeles, unlike many from his area he was never bounded to the city limits. Spotted all through the West, Ca$h set out at an early age making moves in route to his success. As a rapper, he performs under the mononym TCa$h. His Vocal style is marked by his youthful, energetic voice and aggressive lyrics focusing on the elements of urban street life such as Guns, Drugs, Money, Hustling, drowning in the materialistic aspects of life, relations between residents and the police, and sexual activity. Ca$h had also hosted a hip-hop radio show on the number one Blac college radio station in DC entitled (The Chronic) on WHBC. This WEST COAST oriented show was were his voice was first being heard over the air waves. This American rapper and businessman, has now focused his attention on sustaining a strong position within the media world. Many critics have high expectations from the Los Angeles native